I saw what I thought was a rock on the floor of the Central Park North Woods in NYC (I used to live near the North end of the park and foraged there often on my hikes). When I pushed it with my foot it came loose easily, and when I picked it up I found it was wood – most likely a dislodged piece of a root system, with a layer of bark and cambium. I dried it out and revisited it about a year later. After I worked away the outer layers and started sanding, this stunning piece of root was unveiled. I think it was part of the taproot, but can’t be fully sure what type of tree it’s from. Judging from its strength and color, I’m guessing it’s an oak species. With further sanding, this beautiful pattern emerged. Once I finished this piece, it hit me that this was deeply personal. I’d had breast cancer (“had” is the definitive word here – I’m good now and count my blessings!) and had a lumpectomy as a result. It was uncanny that this piece that popped out auspiciously resembled my new anatomy. I took that as a sign from my Angels that all is well. I share this story because there are a lot of women who have been through this. Look for the signs – they’re out there! 🙂

Mated with Picture, Brown and Red Jaspers with a gold-filled lobster clasp. Jasper is a powerful grounding stone that supports one’s connection to the earth. It helps to alleviate stress, promoting tranquility and wholeness and deflecting negativity. All is well, indeed!

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