SfragaSaga * Mwimbaji Earth Art

Eco jewelry and art integrating tree roots and branches, crystals and gemstones, in deep collaboration with Nature. One-of-a-kind pieces for women and men.

Recent Creations

Designed in collaboration with nature.

SfragaSaga Blog - Raphael drawing by Barbara Sfraga

From Roots to Wings

All roots form wondrous shapes as they channel for food and nourishment to support their magnificent growth above the ground. When they meet an obstacle down below, the root reroutes to a Plan B (or C or D...) creating an extraordinary puzzle in its path that tells a story of evolution, sustenance, communication and community.

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Artist: Barbara Sfraga

SfragaSaga Mwimbaji Earth Art is an homage to Trees. It’s a Thank You for their life-giving essence and a small way for me to set their fallen pieces on a new journey. Should you choose to adopt a SfragaSaga Mwimbaji piece, may it work with your essence to bring out all that you deem positive. And may it always bring you joy!

About the artist, Barbara Sfraga