In Lawrence Anthony’s book, “The Elephant Whisperer”, ‘Thula Thula’ is the name of the Elephant Game Reserve, a sanctuary Anthony set up for endangered elephants, and later other animals as well. ‘Thula Thula’ means “hush mama” in Zulu. The true story of Anthony, his wife, team, and their rescue efforts, speaks to the enormity of what the power of an idea and a passion to be of service can create.

When the ‘elephant’ emerged out of this Azalea root piece, ‘Thula Thula’ immediately came to my mind. I gave her a turquoise “ear” and set her on a glass beaded necklace of turquoise and maroon, with a silvertone lobster clasp. Necklace measures 18″.

Turquoise supports lucidly speaking one’s mind and bolsters protection. Its calming energy is also associated with enduring love. Throat chakra.

Please message me with any questions you might have.

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